Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Hello Everyone,
Here are our costumes from last night when we went to a Halloween party. I was a cupcake and Brian was 'God's gift to women'. Between the two of us it only cost us $3 make them. I only had to buy some pom poms and a foam ball and Brian needed just some bows. I even got to use my cricut to help make his with the tag! Overall, they were a success! Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Throwback Thursday Challenge

The challenge this week on My Creative Time was to make a Christmas themed project with the Celebrations cartridge. I don't own this cartridge so I looked through the older ones I own and found this cute snowman on the Stretch your Imagination. He had a bunch of little cuts but in the end he was cute enough to justify all the fuss. His "belly buttons" were cut using a dollarstore mini hand punch which worked perfectly as they were tiny enough. I was inspired by this non-Christmas colours paper that came in my DCWV Holiday pack that I picked up last year on Clearance after Christmas (got to love those great deals)! Thanks for visiting!
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Craft Fair Table

The night before the event I was freaking out and told Brian to never ever let me do one of these events again. It is a ton of work and I was convinced that I was going to end up coming home with a huge percentage of what I had made. Well, actually more because honestly can a person go to one of these events and not buy stuff?! I have done a couple in the past but always sold my sewing projects never any of my paper crafting. Anyways all said and done, I had a great day sold more then I ever expected and only spent $18.00 including lunch for myself and my cousin who was helping me out at my table. The table itself cost me $35. I ended up making about $150.00 which I consider very good for a days work although there were many hours spent making the stuff but heck I enjoy that part and do it for free all the time anyways, lol! Here is a break down of what I sold, how much I charged for each item and how many of each actually left my table. (I iwsh someone had of done this for me before I started my craft fair.
Crayon Jars - made 7 came home with 7 :( oh well now I have Christmas gifts for all my teacher friends :). I sold these (or didn't sell) for $8
3-D flowers - made 5 came home with 2. I sold these for $15

Large coiled notebooks with matching pen - made 10 came home with 4. I sold these for $5.

Medium flip cover notepad with mini pen - made 10 came home with 4. I sold these for $4.

Post-it note pads with mini pen - made 23 came home with 16. I sold these for $3.

Birthday cards - made 22 came home with 9. All cards sold for $2.50
Christmas cards - made 28 came home with 24
Misc. cards - made 24 came home with 19

Journals - made 3 came home with 1. Sold for $6

Cookbooks - made 5 came home with 2. Sold for $6.

Reversible bags - made 4 came home with 4. Sold for $15

It really seemed as though the smaller items were selling the best and overall the reaction I got from everyone was very positive. I was the only vendor at this show selling this type of product! There were 80 vendors in all. Many vendors were complaining that this year was very slow at all the craft fairs in this area. I was quite pleased with how I did!

I'm Back!

Okay, the craft fair is over and my apt. is slowly starting to get re-organized. So you heard the good news about my engagement and in that post I mentioned Michaels grand opening. Well, Michaels has only been open a little over two weeks here and I have already been a paying customer four times! Brian and my mother have both now given me very firm instructions that I am not to buy anymore scrapbooking stuff until I start using some of it. Does anyone else have the problem that they buy more then they will ever have time to use in their lifetime? I am going to try really had to not get anything new for a while and I think the Michaels obsession will die down eventually, it is just a new fad for me at the moment....right?! Anyways, here are the first four hauls from there and a picture of a gift basket I bid on and won at a benefit auction, I had to out bid someone else a few times and ended up paying $60 for it which it was clear when I got it home was too much for the stuff in it but it all went to a very good cause. Check back later for some craft fair pictures!
Happy Crafting!

The first time I went in was opening day and because it was Friday and the sale didn't start until Saturday there was NOTHING in the store on sale. I was highly disappointed but still managed to find a few things I wanted. :)

This was my second trip in and it was the grand opening day. This time it seemed the whole store was on sale! I got the cardstock for only $2.49 each. The Martha Stewart Halloween pad was on for 50% off. ($13 something) the Me and my Big Ideas Pad was 40% off $29.99. The chipboard pieces I used a 50% off coupon and got them for $4.98. The cricut cartridges...brace yourself...were only $19.99 each!!! As you can see I got a few lol!  

On my third trip in Brian was with me so I had to be a little more careful. :S The Offray ribbon was 4/$1.00. As you can see I got a ton, I just love this ribbon! I got yet another cartridge for $19.99. Seriously who could pass that up?! Finally I got a couple things for my wedding. The stickers in the top picture were only .79 cents and the arch in the lower picture was on special for $29.99 and Brian actually talked me into getting it! That's a first!

By the fourth Micheals trip I was getting better but pretty much because I had bought everything else I wanted hehe. I got this Mini Monsters cartridge for $54.99. and I used another 50% off coupon for this punch and only paid around $10.00 for it.

This is a picture of the gift basket I got from the auction. I have already made a pile fo stuff from it to give to my younger cousin who has just started scrapbooking. There was a few gems I will be keeping for myself though!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Engaged!

Well, I had quite the exciting weekend... Michaels had their grand opening at the location that just opened last week about 10 minutes from where I live and I got ENGAGED! It was a total suprise but a good one that is for sure! Pretty much this weekend can claim best weekend ever to date! :)
Craft fair next weekend and then hopefully I can get back to some regular crafting and out of mass production mode :S
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is one of my favourite scrapbook pages from my Cuba 2010 scrapbook. I kept it simple as not to take away from the main focus. I love the way the drawing really stands out on the page! Thanks for looking and happy crafting!
PS how funny is that picture!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is my cricut sick?

I was doing a bit of crafting today and well I think my cricut may be sick. It keeps skipping sections of my cuts! I noticed this a little while ago but was hoping it was nothing but it seems it is getting worse. It has gone from missing them once in a while to multiple times on the same cut. It seems like it is dragging and then jumps the blade housing looks like it is pulling against itself a bit. It is ruining a great deal of paper on me and causing me lots of fustration. I tried using a new mat thinking it was stuff on the mat making it skip but this didn't help. I also tried putting a new blade in it because I thought maybe my other one was dull but this seems to have done nothing either. Has anyone else ever had this problem?
Tara :(

Michaels is here! it has been a long time coming but finally a Micheals has opened close to my town! I used to have to drive about an hour to the nearest one and now it is only about 10 minutes! I went there on opening night (Friday) and only spent $39 which is a record for me and that store lol. It is exciting but also a little depressing as once I was in my bubble burst a tad as this location is like a mini Micheals and only carries a limit selection. I may still need to venture into the city once in a while but this closer Michaels will work as a wonderful pit stop when there is something I really want!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Missing blog world!

Hello Crafters,
I starting filling in for a family studies teacher this week and will be replacing her for the next three weeks! It is great as a sub to know where I will be for the next while but it is also a ton of work because I walked in one day and had to start doing all the planning for 4 different courses. I also tutor 2 hours every night! Lets just say the last 2 nights I have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and well woken back up in the middle of the night to remain up worrying about getting it all done. On top of it all I signed up to do a craft fair the Oct. 23 which is the day after I finish this position! The pressure is on so I am sorry but blog world may become a thing of the past for the next couple weeks but remember this is where I really want to be!
Happy Crafting everyone!