Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Blog has Attitude Award!

Wow, another award! I am super excited! Thank you so much to Rhonda from Scrap Happens.
Another big thank you to Fern's Creations for giving away a $5.oo digi gift certificate with this award.

In order to receive the $5.00 you must list 3 things that give you the attitude from everyone else, nominate 5 other blogs and display the blog award badge in your sidebar and link it back to digis with attitude challenge blog.

Here it goes:

Three things that gives me attitude.

1. I often substitute teach Junior high ('nuf said)!

2. I actually enjoy teaching Junior high! lol
3. I am stubborn, stubborn, stubborn

Five blogs I have chosen to receive this award:

Thanks again Rhonda!

Happy Crafting Everyone

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Hello everyone,
I was just reading over on the Elles studio blog that this was going to be their last official Thankful Thursday post but that they hope to keep it up and running once a month or so. I am also going to try to keep it up because I think it is really important to reflect on the positives in life.

Today I am thankful for:

Living in Canada and getting good medical care: I have had back problems for a while now and this week it is really bad. So bad, that on Wednesday I spent four hours at the clinic getting meds and xrays. I also had my sore throat checked out and it looks like another case of strep. Now, I am not thankful for the pain but I am thankful that we have a good medical system and in the end all it cost me was time and about $14.00 for a prescription.

Christmas Music: I have been having a hard time getting into the holiday mood this year so far. It might be that I have not been feeling the greatest and dealing with a tight budget. Those are two things that can really put a damper on a person's spirit. Tonight however, I was in a store and the Christmas music that was playing made me think about all the great stuff that is coming up over the next month. I felt the beginnings of some holiday cheer inside!

Remember to take the time to be thankful today and everyday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Posting some Creativity

Hello Crafters,
So I noticed today when looking at my blog that I have not really posted anything creative since my cricut broke. As you can well imagine my creative mojo has been boxed up with my cricut and I have not been crafting lately. However, I have pictures of all the stuff that I created for the craft fair and have yet to post most of them. So until I get my cricut back in action I will leave you with some past creative moments. Here are some of the notebooks I made. The large ones are coiled ones with matching RSVP pens and the smaller ones were created using the same template as the post-it note covered pads but are what I consider to be medium pads (non-sticky).

A blog award!

Hello Crafters,
I was excited to announce that I received another blog award! This one is the stylist blog award from Carri at Doubleclick connections. Now here is what I need to do now...

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this

Carri has an awesome blog and if you have not hopped over there now is the time! Thanks so much for the award Carri it means a lot to get awards. Heck, I get excited about a comment so I am sure you can tell I am over the moon about this!

2. Share 8 things about yourself

ok here it goes:
1. People often tell me they are intimidated by my organization skills. I just love things where they belong!
2. I am a secret hoarder...I hoard everything but I make sure it is all organized and hidden in my closets! lol
3. I love folding laundry! I love the smell and I am very particular about it being neat! Yes...I fold even the undies :)
4. I am a house plant lover. Brian says we live in a jungle.
5. I despise cats. My entire life I have been extremely allergic to them and they seem to know it and love me. I have actually had nightmares about cats attacking me!
6. I panic when I can't find my nalgene bottle. It goes everywhere with me! (Yes, I have a BPA free one)
7. Going along with #6, I am a water snob. I only like water that comes out of my tap/well. I hate the taste of pre-bottled water and don't even get me started on town water with all the "purifying agents."
8. I am addicted to cherry lypsyl. It happened in high school and for the last 10ish years I can't leave the house without one within my reach. My lips dry out within a couple hours and get all chapped if I don't apply it every couple hours....I swear!

3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered

Some of these blogs I have just discovered and some I have been following for a while and want to show them I appreciate their work and efforts in blog world!

Small bits of paper
Kate leaves the sweetest comments!

Debbie's scrappin corner
Her frugal Fridays rock!

More than favors
Seriously, even her blog header is inspiring!

Love life crafts
Check out her latest layouts, they rock!

Pause dream enjoy
I will get to the 52 question book at some point!

Purple Monkey Moments
A fellow creative Nova Scotian.

Princess paper projects
One of my first followers and someone who continues to inspire me!

Laurens creative
I can't even begin to tell you how awesome her layouts are...check them out for yourself!

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards
Will do!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cricut update

Well, my cricut is still sitting boxed up on my living room floor :( No one can seem to find me the harmonized code that I need in order to ship it through customs. A tiny bit of good news though...since I have been having such a hard time and called Provo Craft to let them know what the delay was, the wonderful customer service rep. has issued me a free cartridge of my choice. So when ever I do get my cricut to them and they send me a new one it will come with a Rock Princess cartridge included! Now if only I could get it there!!!
Sincerely Fustrated,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe that I forgot to do my thankful Thursdays post yesterday. Can you tell how my week is going?! Anyways each week I have been trying to take part in the series going on over at Elles Studio blog called thankful Thursdays and well the name says it all.
Here is what I am thankful for this week....

Not being a procrastinator - I have always been thankful that I am a person who gets things down in advance which really reduces the stress in my life during the crazy busy times. For example I have all but 2 gifts already purchase for Christmas! So while everyone else is just getting started to head into the craziness that is holiday shopping, I am almost ready to start wrapping!

For life long friends - Last night my friend called me who lives on the other side of the country. We have been friends since junior high and every time we talk it is like not a day has gone by.

Cricut issues

Hello Crafters,
I have been absent for a while because as I stated a while back my cricut has not been working properly. (it skips over sections of the cuts on detailed cuts) I called Provo Craft about the problem and their customer service was excellent! They told me they would be sending me out a prepaid shipping label and once they got my cricut back they would send me a new one. All in all they said it would take about 3 weeks. I was sad I was going to be cricutless for 3 weeks but was excited I was going to be getting one that worked properly. HOWEVER....returning the product has been a HUGE challenge. There is a ton of paper work to fill out for customs and I have found that you have to contact a zillion different 1-800 numbers to get all the info you need to complete the forms. So, my cricut has been sitting packed up for a few days now and still has yet to be sent. I am hoping I can get the last piece of info I need today and get it on its way! Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paper Playtime Challenge

Hello Crafters,
I was so excited when I saw the theme for this weeks challenge on Paper Playtime. The theme is 'you rock!' I made a card a while back that had a rocker chick on the front and the saying 'u rock' and loved it! I gave it away and a couple times since had wanted that same card again to give. I decided now was the time to make a new one to have on hand. I used different colours this time and a bit of a different layout and honestly, I think I like this one even more! It might be a keeper lol. Come on I can't be the only one with a pile of cards that are so adorable that parting with them would be just wrong, can I?!
Thanks for checking out my creation and happy crafting!

Card base (A2 size): Yellow Recollections
Black mat: Recollections
All other card stock from my scrap pile
Cricut Cut: Everyday Paper Dolls (I think she is 2.5)
U rock frame: Ashlyn's Alphabet
Ribbon: Offray
Stamps: Michaels dollar bin one set had a bunch that said things like rock band, rock on, etc. and the 'U' was from an entire set of just 'U's. (weird I know but honestly I have used them a lot)!
I also used my cuttle bug with the divine swirls folder on her guitar

Hi there, it's Thursday again and I have decided that I am going to continue linking to the Thankful Thursdays series on Elles Studio. I think it really reminds us to stop and think about our lives and think about all the positives that we have to be thankful for. I get stressed very easily and I think reflecting once a week on all the joys in my life will help me push some of that negative energy out.

This week I am thankful for:

Those who serve my country (Canada) - I am thankful for the Veterans that have made it so that my life is free and wonderful. I am thankful for those who serve now...they are brave beyond belief and make me proud and I am thankful to all those who are in training to become our future protection and peace keepers. My sense of security is strong knowing they are ready and willing. I remember you on this day and always!

Reality Checks - sometimes you need someone to tell you how it is so that you remain grounded. I had one this morning and after a quick cry and few minutes of feeling bad for myself I now see the other side of it! Thanks mom :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cricut Cardz Challenge

I made this card for the Cricut Cardz Challenge. I really like the idea of making Christmas cards with non-traditional Christmas colours. I love the bright colours in this card! Sorry about the picture metallic cardstock doesn't photograph well :(

The snowflake was cut from the Accent Essentials cartridge from metallic cardstock from Dollarama.
The ribbon is the Celebrate It  brand which I purchased at Micheals a few weeks ago.
The bright blue and pink cardstock was from my scrap pile and the white base was Recollections.
I Cuttlebugged the blue with my Divine Swirls folder. 
The stamp is one of my new Pink by Design stamps from the Simply Everything Stamp Collection.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Over on the Elles Studio Blog they have a series going on that is called 'Thankful Thursdays' where everyone is to blog about something they are thankful for. I love reading all the things that people are thankful for because it reminds me of things that I am thankful for also but sometimes take for granted. This week I have decided to join in! Below are just a few things I am thankful for this week.

My Clark Shoes  - when I get home from a long day and my feet are a bit tired I am always thankful for my shoes and the fact that if I had been wearing another pair of shoes my feet would be killing me! (I taught grade primary/one today. Can you tell lol)!

For pretty steady work - as  a substitute there is no guarantee that I will get steady work so when I do I am always thankful!

My family living close - every time I talked to someone who tells me their family lives far away I am thankful for the fact that about 80% of my family lives within 20 minutes of me. We are a tight knit group and it is so nice to have that support system waiting in the wings for when ever I may need it! It's my mom's birthday tonight and I will be going to visit her soon! I love and am thankful  that I can do that!

There are a ton more things I am thankful for and I am sure I will share many more in the future!

Take a moment and think about what you are thankful for this week! I would love to hear about it!
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge

I made a bunch of these for the craft fair I was in recently. They are super easy and cute! If you have not tried one yet you NEED to but beware it will become a bit of an obsession lol. I made one with a little bird on the front with really cool teal background paper and well... it sold :( When I was cutting out the bird I made a small mistake though and ended up with an extra one. When I saw this challenge I knew exactly what I had to do...make myself one! I still had some scraps of the teal background paper and I always keep those extra cuts in a little container so this one took me literally five minutes to put together and I love it!!! It feels good to make something for myself after making so many crafts to sell lately.
Craft something for yourself today!

Wait, it can't be over yet!

Here is another Halloween project I did (before Halloween, I just didn't get a chance to post it yet) Mary from Cardz TV made one of these adorable door hangers a little while ago and I loved it so much I had to try my hand at it. I got the Mini Monsters cartridge no long ago and this was my first project with it. The cuts on this cartridge are super cute! I highly recommend it! The project itself was really easy and one trip to the dollarstore got me the silver ribbon the garland (wrapped around the ribbon), a bag of random sized googly eyes and the blinged out spiders (actually plastic rings)!  I love my door hanging so much that even though it is Nov. 2 it is actually still hanging on one of the doorknobs! I just know I will make more of these in the future!
Happy Crafting!