Friday, December 31, 2010

Favourite Layouts of 2010

Hello Crafters,
As with the cards some of these you might have viewed on my blog before and some are new to you but favourites to me! Honestly, other then the resolutions page I have only ever done trip scrapbooks. I made the resolutions page because my plan was to start a scrapbook of 2010 but I never did get around to it. The task of a entire year book seems so big and overwhelming. My trip books more often then not end up having so many pages I have to add extenders (more then one set). One of my goals for crafting in 2011 is going to be to just start a book that is not trip related.
Thanks for looking and there will be one more post later with my favourite projects of 2010!

My favourites of 2010

Hello Crafters,
Here are my favourite cards I made in 2010. Some have been posted over the course of the year and others are gems that I failed to post for one reason or other but would love to share now! I will post my favoutie layouts and projects later today.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first video

Hello everyone,
I went to Michael's again today...yup so far I have been there 3 days in a row lol. I really need to go back to work! While I was there today I picked up a really neat item. It was going to be hard to show through pictures so I tried my hand at a short video. Enjoy and please leave me feedback and comments!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Haul and Boxing Day Sales Haul

Well, I hope Santa found everyone this year and I hope you all got lots of crafty stuff! Below is a picture of my Christmas haul. I got the From my Kitchen cartridge which has been on my wish list forever! I got a laminator which has also been on that list for a very long time! (Maybe that is the teacher coming out in me) I also got a super slim slicer which I wanted to get one day when it was on clearance for $5 but Brian talked me out of it and funny how it turned up in my stocking! My aunt got me a really neat day by day calendar that has scrapbooking embellishments on each day of the year. I was super surprised to get the Big Bite. I have been thinking about getting a crop-a-dile for a while now. Apparently, Brian and my father went into Michael's (I would have loved to be a fly on the wall that day) and when they saw the bigger one decided to get me that one instead ( and their big obession) However, after researching it I am actually super happy I got this one! Brian was unsure what to get me for eyelets so he gave me a $25 gift cert. for Michael's to pick some out. I also, got another $25 one from my future in-laws. So guess what I did yesterday on the 25% off boxing day sale..... scroll down for more

In the picture below is what I got at Michael's yesterday! I used all my gift Cert. and an additional $13.43 but look at what I got! Below the picture I will list what I paid for each item. It was spectacular!

Christmas frame ornaments (red box, 2) $2.62 each
Clear plastic ornaments (4) .51 cents
Clear organizer (1) $5.62
Scalloped Chipboard Albums (6) .67 cents
White Chipboard Albums (12) .56 cents
Eyelets (5) $3.74
Brads (1) $3.74
Textured snow writer (1) $3.22
Snowflake rub ons (2) .85 cents
Calendar (1) .56 cents

Then I went to another local store called Rewards which has an awesome scrapbook section and got more eyelets and brads (I was actually disappointed in Michael's when I realized this store had then way cheaper! For example I got a pack of 100 coloured brads at Michael's for $3.74 on sale and a pack of 300 at Rewards for $2.99 at regular price. I guess I know where I will get getting them in the future! Below is a picture of both the ones at Michael's and the ones from Rewards. You can see the price stickers on the ones from Rewards.

So what did everyone else get? I can't wait to see some haul pictures and videos today!
Happy Crafting!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Okay, so I know I said I would share my tp roll mini but I made this door hanger using my new Cricut and I just want to share it soooo bad. I'll upload my mini another day. The first time I saw one of these was when Mary from Cardz tv made one for Halloween. I made one similar to hers and posted it here. I had so much fun making it I decided to try one for Christmas too! I am in love! I think I might end up making one for  every holiday! I actually made two of these, one for my mom. The pictures with the two of them are a bit blurry because I took them last night with really poor lighting but it was then or never as I gave hers to her. I am also going to link this to the Christmas Challenge The Pink Stamper has open on her blog because it doesn't get more Christmas then this!  I'll post the recipe for it below the pictures.

The patterned paper used for the base is DCWV
 (I can't remember which one but a Holiday Stack from last year I think)
All cardstock is from my scrap pile
The Elf, hat, stocking and mittens are all cut at 2" from Jolly holidays
The reindeer and greeting were both cut from Winter Frolic.
I want to say the size was 2.5" but I am not positive. (I need to start writing these things down)
The coloured elastic fiber, plastic snowflakes and bit of bling are from Dollarama.
I glittered pretty much everything with Glitter Glue from Walmart

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

It is officially here!!! My new Cricut just arrived! It has only been in the house for about 10 minutes and already I have it all set up! I did have to pay $66.00 for harmonized tax (what is up with all this harmonized stuff?!) That pretty much takes care of the two *free* cartridges they sent me (Rock Princess and Once Upon a Princess), but I am okay with that because I am just so happy to have it! Also, because it was a new Cricut it came with Plantin SchoolBook and Accent Essentials both of which I already own. I am thinking I might sell those to re-coop some of my cost.
Off to fire it up!

Looks like someone been busy!

Hello Crafters,
I have been crafting up a storm! My Cricut is still MIA but the creative bug bit me last night and I have been going strong. As I re-entered my scrap room a few minutes ago I had to stop and stare...I am usually a very neat person however, when I am on to something things start to scatter. 

I made a mini album out of toilet paper rolls. It's not 100% finished but I will share some pictures very soon. First, I have to clear a space to take the photos lol.

I started to clean once...I swear... (have you ever read the Jillian Jiggs book?) but then I noticed how much scraps I had and they were so unorganized I had to do something. I came up with this idea of putting them in my bin in file folders. All the solid card stock in one, patterned paper in another and one for all my seasonal papers. I think this will help keep it neater.

Anyways, here is a look at my room in its current condition. For the month of December it is a multi purpose room...decoration tote storage, wrapping room, holding station for gifts yet to be delivered, etc.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shopping Haul

Okay, so I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up about getting my Cricut back this week because every time I do get them up something happens and it's arrival is delayed yet again.

However, on the weekend I went into Michael's and they had four of the Cricut cartridges on for $24.99! The ones that are regular $119.00. I got three! Let's just say it was a good thing that only four were on sale lol. I got Cindy Loo, Winter Frolic and Boys will be Boys.

Plus the fiskars stuff was all 40% off and over the weekend there was a promotion that you got an additional 25% off even on sale items. Seriously, how could I not get the 'give it a swirl' border punch!

I also got some Carnival stickers on clearance which will be perfect for my Trinidad scrapbook since I was there during Carnival 6 years ago.

Lastly, I got some clear plastic ornaments for 75% off.  I will more then likely not have time this year but will make something next year with them.

Okay, so that was it for Michael's but wait there is more....a couple weeks ago I was into Walmart and they had the lite cartridges on for $39.99 (regular $49.99 here) and no we didn't have that great $20.00 black Friday sale. Anyways, I got Jolly Holidays, which again I will more then likely not get to use this year but I held off on the Snow Friends cartridge and now the only place to get it is on Ebay for an arm and a leg. I was not going to make that mistake again!

So here I am with four new cartridges just waiting for my doorbell to ring!

Hoping, wishing, praying

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards

Here are a few more of the Christmas cards I made in October. I used paper dolls, create a critter and stretch your imagination. All the patterned papers were from DCWV Christmas stack from last year.

Are you sick of hearing about it yet?

I called Provo Craft AGAIN last night! Funny thing is now when I say my name the people there actually know who I am lol! The lady I had on the phone last night actually called me her friend and gave me her blog address! Funny how you can connect to people! Anyways here is the order for a new Cricut (well a refurbished one, as I found out last night is what you get if you claim your warranty after 3 months) was lost. Somehow it never made it into the warehouse so my new one was never on its way. Now however, I will be getting a brand spanking new one and two new cartridges!!! (Rock Princess and Once Upon a Princess) It is also being express shipped to me and should be here Saturday but of course because of the weekend I am expecting to see it Monday. My fingers, toes, arms and legs are all crossed that nothing else happens to it before then! I swear it might cost you more but if it breaks just buy a new will save yourself a lot of headaches and heart ache!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post 100!

I got to thinking this morning... I used to craft without the Cricut and personally I think I made some super cute stuff in my pre Cricut days. I decided I need to look back at some of my non-Cricut projects and see if I can't reboot my creative mojo. Then a few minutes ago I was looking through some of the Christmas cards I had made for my craft fair and realized that a couple of my favourite ones were made without using the Cricut at all! Fortunately/unfortunately they both sold but at least I knew they were headed to a nice home :)
These were not my idea by any means. I saw a very similar one on someone's blog (if it was yours please message me and I will add your link and give credit where credit belongs)! The pictures were from a post about Tim Holtz with a link to his blog maybe and the pictures were there? I just thought the pictures were great and then I just printed the sentiment from my computer right onto the kraft cardstock. Super simple and super cute! Cricut needed!
Happy Crafting!