Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Craft Spending and Use Your Stash Update

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Hello Crafters,
Here is a picture of a very small haul from this month:

(This isn't everything I bought but most times there was not enough worth taking a picture of...sounds good already doesn't it)!

Here are my totals for March:

March 2 - Dollarama $4.60
March 15 - Dollarama $5.75
March 15 - Frenchy's (buttons) $1.21
March 16 - Designed to Delight Digital Stamps $1.52
March 16 - Jessica Sprague $2.02
March 17 - Dollarama $1.15 (I'm not kidding you I NEEDED google eyes)
March 19 - Cricut Rewards Shipping for free cartridge $7.09
March 20 - Walmart $17.19
March 26 - Dollarama $2.30

Total - $42.83

Okay, this month I cut Michael's out completely and look how much that helped. And really I missed it a bit but not too much. Now, if it weren't for the dollar store I would be laughing :) I have actually been having a great time trying to use up some of my stash. It has almost become a thrill lol. Oh and by using my cricut rewards I was even able to get a free cartridge (minus the shipping which wasn't bad). Overall, a pretty decent month I do say so myself! Giving myself a pat on the back for this one!

How much do you spend on crafting? Do you even think about it? Honestly, before starting this I had no idea and never really thought about it...if I wanted it, I bought it! As bad as that sounds (spoiled princess much lol).

Think it over :)


L.B. said...

I spend ...way to much on crafting stuff. I think about it and use money that I earn from a teacher website..thankful for that by the way!! I also challenge myself every few months to buy nothing!!

Kristie said...

Great job keeping your spending under control! I am really going to make a better effort over the next few months to save $ and use my stash.

Rhonda Emery said...

I agree with the above ladies. I need you please to email me so I will have your email address. my husband accidentaly erased it. thank you

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

You did really great this month! I haven't totaled my receipts yet, I did way worse than you but way better than I did last month.

Did you really really need those google eyes?? LOL!

Kate said...

I didn't go to Michaels at all this month either. Too funny! I don't think that's ever happened - but I've just been so busy.
Good for you with all your savings this month!

Krafty Kim said...

I am ashamed to say how much I spend and I know after seeing all of these blogs that I'm probably not that big of a spender. My problem is I see something that I want in the craft store ads and go, but I'm getting better. I totally see how my cricut machine has cost me way more than the initial upfront cost, but boy do I love it. I'm trying to limit Michaels to value craft card stock, adhesive and ribbon as I need it. My goal is $100 a month in supplies. So I must say kuddos to you on keeping your budget within reason.

Denise said...

You crack me up!!! Spoiled princess, got love that! Seriously that's awesome that you cut out Michaels! I love that this is challenging so much. I can't say I'm with you that I love it, but my husband sure does! At least when I'm doing it right ;) LOL

Jessica said...

Amazing job Tara! I am impressed that you recorded every cent. That is just too scary a prospect for me; I guess that means I have a problem. :) I failed miserably this month, but I am determined to try again next month.

madebyKarla said...

Wow, you really cut back, That's great! I did well this month too, the first month I didn't completely break down and go on a shopping spree! I used to spend so much money each month, it was crazy. I'm enjoying the chance to use my stash too :)