Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July Monthly Spending

Last month I didn't do great with my spending but I have found a way to help myself. I have started teaching classes at a local scrapbooking store and I have decided it to time again to sell some of my creations. That being said I have decided that any money that I make from teaching or selling my crafts can be deducted from my total craft supply spending each month. Makes perfect sense to me :)

July (remember I am on vacation which means lots of time to spend lol)
2nd - My Stamping Studio $39.97
7th - Rewards $7.80
7th - Dollarama $2.40
8th - My Stamping Studio $16.86
10th - Staples $43.40
14th - Rewards $8.90
14th - My Stamping Studio $24.15
18th - Loonies and Toonies $12.26
18th - Michael's $10.34 (GC)
18th- Walmart $14.95
21st - Michael's $29.57
22nd - Michael's $78.74
23rd - Walmart $42.55
24th - Michael's $42.23
26th - Zellers $14.02
26th - Walmart $25.30
26th - Michael's $11.76

Total: $414.86
Money made: $120.00
Final Total: $294.86


Natasha said...

LOL. If I were to keep track of what I spent, I would be seriously disappointed. I actually made it through the month of July without spending any money. But I didn't do any crafts either. What type of classes do you teach at your local store? I been interested in maybe trying my hand at it.


jo said...

I'm too scare to track my spending!!! But I really need to starry selling my stuff. I'm getting overwhelmed here! LOL

Kimberly said...

Ok listen girl....we would be so bad together...i don't even want to add up what i spent. My hubby would kill, YES i said KILL me. He has no idea what i spend as i do all my shopping online cause we don't have much in supplies here. Oh boy, thank goodness i get the mail first ha ha ha...Thanks for sharing, you made me feel better, that i'm not the only one...

Georgiana said...

When you say money made...does that mean from selling cards?

coachfans at cox dot net

Maribel said...

Best idea ever! Spending doesn't count if it's not out of the account for less than a month:)