Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenge Sites

Hello Crafters,
Today I decided I wanted to do a challenge or two but then I ran into my same ol' problem...I was going to have to find a challenge site that had a current challenge taking place and one I was inspired by. I came up with this idea...I went to a bunch of the blogs that I follow and looked up some of the challenge sites they had mentioned, then I started to make a list in a word document. After getting a bunch saved I realized they were in no sort of order and again I was lost as to where to begin. That was when it hit me...why not put them in order of the day of the week the challenges are posted and 'tada' my list began. I am sure I am going to add to this over and over again which is why it is great that I have it in a word document (also I can click on the link from word and save myself time from having to surf for them). I am very pleased with my list so far and hopefully this bit of organization will help me spend more time crafting in the future and less time hunting for inspiration. Here is my list so far to help inspire you too, let me know if there is a challenge site I should add that you think I will love!
Happy crafting!

Challenge Websites


Mojo Monday

Bitten by the Bug 2
Fantabulous Cricut


Card Creations and more

The Photo-Synthesis Challenge

(Every Second Tuesday) Made by Momo


Circut Cardz TV Challenge

More than Favors

Crafting with Christina

Jitterbuggin Challenge

My Creative Time – Throwback Thursday

Paper Cutz Challenge


Anonymous said...

OOOOO great idea! I would love a copy of the list when you are done if you felt like sharing. I just keep everything in my internet favorites and it takes forever to go through!

Here are a couple more that I do sometimes!

I'm sure there are more but those were what I could remember for now! lol

Coachfans said...

I went back on my list a few days ago and started putting the dates after mine so I could keep track. It is much easier!

I am going to go thru all the ones listed above and see if I can add these too. Double check mine to see if you are missing any you like.

Georgiana : )