Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping Haul Photos!

I just love looking at ppl photos and videos of their hauls. So I thought I would show you all a couple of recent shopping hauls! They are on the small side as I am on a tight budget right now until school starts and subbing begins again for me but still I got some great deals! It is back to school shopping time and has anyone ever noticed how much everyday school supplies are used in scraping?! I went to three stores Dollarama, Walmart and know your everyday stops :)

My best deals were the bling from Dollarama in photo one and the 24 packs of crayons in photo 2. They were only .80 cents at Staples! I bought the 64 packs at Walmart thinking I was getting a good deal at $3.00. I worked it out on my handy calculator when I got home and realized 24 @ .80 cents was much better. Oh well I'll have lots of pretty colours from the 64 packs! Just wait until you see what I make with these...super cute! Another great deal was the vinyl it was on clearance at Walmart for $5.00 which it is usually $10.00 here. Funny though only the blue was on clearance (is there something wrong with the blue)?

As for the lifetime supply of RSVP pens...I just discovered how to insert patterned paper into them to make them match some cute notebooks I have been making. (I'll show you these soon too)! I went to Staples first and had purchased the 12 pack for 10 something and when I went to Walmart and saw the 3 packs on for $1.97. I freaked out and bought a lot! I worked it out and I paid about.87 cents a piece for the 12 pack pens and  only .66 cents for the 3 packs!

Oh those bubbles in the first picutre are not going to be used for scraping if you are wondering. They say they are touchable bubbles that won't break. I got them to use as prizes for the students I tutor but I have a feeling I may end up keeping those and testing them myself lol! And the Nibs in the second picture are my scraproom stash!

Doesn't looking at what other ppl buy just inspire you to want to shop! oh and craft lol
Happy Crafting!

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