Monday, June 28, 2010

Button Organization

So yesterday I was trying to craft and getting fustrated because all my buttons were in little baggies and I had to pull them all out of the jars to even see what I had. I get most of my buttons at Frenchy's. For those of you who do not have this wonderful store, it is a used clothing store where everything is thrown in bins and you actually have to dig through the clothes/misc. items. Now... it is hard work but super cheap and very rewarding if you have patience, practice and a washing machine. One of my favourite bins to look through is the button one! Here is where they put all the buttons they have cut off clothing that is too 'used' for anything other then to cut up and sell for rags (yup, they sell every last piece). I find the best buttons, beads and bling in this bin and depending on how much is in the little baggie it costs between .10 to .35 cents! I have been collecting from there for a while and just throwing my baggies in my jars but I have so much now I can not see what I have. I ended up dumping all the buttons out and putting them in colour coded bags, then I put just these few bags back in the jars. *sigh* this is going to make life so much easier!!!

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