Friday, June 11, 2010

Challenging Myself!

I am a little slow on the bandwagon but I jumped on and bought the Create-a-critter cartridge! And well... I'm as in love as everyone else! I started the first night flipping throught the book and stopping to cut when I saw something cute! I made a couple cards and then I got this great idea, why not start right at the beginning of the book and create one card for each of the cute little critters and then I can really see all of them! My mission was clear! However, within the first couple pages I realized that not only were the main 50 critters cute but also many of the extras! So here is the deal I am going to make one card for each critter (the main 50 and any add ons that I deem cute enough to deserve their own card)! I am not giving myself a time limit and if it takes me a year or more that is fine but it is a goal that I will putter away at when ever I feel the creative itch! Feel free to join me and please send me links to any cards you have created with this cartridge because I will need all the inspriation I can get!
Wish me luck! Happy crafting! Here are the first few!


the purple muse said...

Don't you just love that Create a Critter Cart!?

creativeprincess said...

By far my favourite!

Mari AKA Momo said...

How stinkin cute are these!!!! LOVE THEM!!! XOXO Momo