Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deep cut blade nightmare

Howdy Crafters! (I got my old west cart. in the mail yesterday...can u tell? lol)

Anyways, I thought I would write a post about my nightmare of a time I have been having the last couple of days. I decided since I now have the DS software I would try to do a word book. I figured out all the pages on the software and really it took me no time at all. I was thinking this is going to work out great! I got the chipboard and the deep cut blade ($40.00 for the housing and one blade! Much more then I was expecting) thought I was set.

As it turns out my machine does not like chipboard even a little bit! It was getting all jammed up and the noises wanted to make me cry. I followed the settings on the cricut website and did everything exactly as I was told. I even used a brand new mat because I heard the chipboard can move around a bit. Well, my moved not only a bit but so much so that it jammed up my machine three times. After three attempts, three ruined pieces of chipboard and what felt like hours of anxiety that I was breaking something I gave up on the chipboard.

I then got a couple pieces of cardboard from the back of my paper packs and cereals boxes and began cutting this. My machine was okay with this but the mat still did not want to hold on to anything. Millions of cuts and re-cuts later (lets not speak of all the waste that is now in my recycling bin) I have finally got my pages all cut out and the cardstock attached.

As for the deep house I wish I had read more reviews because it seems that on multi-cut the cricut will cut through cardboard fine and from this day forward that is the thickest material I will be putting in it! I need a break before I attempt the decorating however. I will be for sure putting a picture of this project up when it is completed! Now only to actually finish it!!!


crazyaboutcricut said...

Wow, I have a deep cut blade, but haven't used it very much. I'm sorry you had so much trouble! Glad you didn't give up on your project :)
crazyaboutcricut at hotmail dot com

Kate said...

I'm so sorry you had such a difficult time. I've never tried this, so can't offer any suggestions. I know that I have a difficult time with my mats and I think it's because there is not much turnover here in my city, so even my new mats are old in that they've been sitting on shelves too long. I even have my paper move around on me. Sooo frustrating!
I hope that you are able to get your books completed. I'll look forward to seeing them when you post pictures.