Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Storm day!

Hi Crafters,
So today was the first official storm day of the school year here in my neck of the woods so can you guess what I have been up to all day? No not crafting lol but I have been on a mission to get this craft room cleaned up! So even if I am not covered in glitter I am still hanging out in my favourite place :)

As for this storm... we have been having above normal temperatures and just all around beautiful weather here the last couple of months. Yesterday was the first day I even wore a winter coat! More often then not I have just been wearing a sweater outside! So it seems we have just jumped right over autumn and headed straight into winter. Although, the forecast says 14 C again for next Wednesday so my guess is this 30 + cm of snow will not last long. Just long enough to make a wet mess!

Do you ever get storm days where you live or do your kids not know the thrill of hearing that sounds sweeter then music on the radio when they announce, all schools in the _____ school board are closed for today! Pure bliss :)

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Kimberly said...

Well we don't have school closing but we sure do have no buses running. And all kids wait for the radio to say no buses running...And really cleaning your craft room...i look at the mess and think about cleaning it then i start crafting.....well one day:0)