Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Spending

Hi Crafters,
I have been dreading this post... I did terrible last month but since I can't blog hop since I can't see my blogs (see last post) I figured I might as well bite the bullet and post lol. Within the first 3 days of April I knew I had blown it and by day 9 I was toast. I needed (I'm not kidding here) to buy a large package of quality black cardstock for the favours I am making for my wedding and I found this awesome online store this month that is based out of my province The Scrapbook Cafe . Not only does that help me a great deal keeping shipping costs down but it has amazing prices to begin with! Also if you order over $100 shipping is free (more reason to buy more right)? So even though I knew I was in trouble after the 9th day on the 22nd I headed back on over to the site to order my black cardstock. This may have been a mistake lol. Who was I kidding I was not going to buy just one thing! I was actually able to meet the lady that runs it. She lives about an hour away but was in my area and actually brought my first order closer for me to pick up so I could avoid the shipping costs altogether. She is an amazing woman who saw a need (lack of scrapbooking supplies available in NS for a reasonable price) and decided to do something about it! Boy, am I glad she did or wait after looking at my total for this month, am I lol. Either way I will be shopping from her store often I am sure!
Okay for the totals... don't judge, we all these weak moments right? Next month I am hiding the visa!

April 2 - Michaels $10.34
              Dollarama $4.60
              My Stamping Studio $16.70
              Elles Studio $11.02
              Digis With Attitude $1.00
              Ebay (Cuttlebug folder) $6.93
April 3 - Rewards $11.49
              Ebay (Father's Day cartridge) $29.81
April 9- Scrapbooking Cafe $62.00
             Rewards $18.95
April 22 - Scrapbooking Cafe $108.50
April 24 - Ebay (New Arrivals cartridge) $54.41 ***I really really wanted it for a while
April 30- Yardsale $10.00

Total - $345.75  (yup, that embarrassing)!

Here are a few haul photos of some of my new stuff:


Georgiana said...

I just bought a couple cartridges off eBay also...Robotz and Christmas Village. There are few others I want, but I am waiting for the price to be better. I am off to look for a new paper cutter for Mother's Day. Any suggestions?

Flamenco92627/Julieta said...

You know what, you are super brave for even doing that! I don't even keep some of my receipts. And since you are tracking, if you spend more one month, you can always adjust for the next. Good job!!

jessica said...

yummy stuff!! I love buying stuff on ebay and have yet to buy anything through an online store yet. They make it so easy to keep adding to your cart. Wait I take that back I have bought some digi stamps from bugaboo.
I am afraid to look at my total for the month :(
Too many great deals at Joannes and this really great stamping store in town.
Enjoy all your goodies!

Kristie said...

I commend you for actually posting this on the internet. I couldn't LOL!! Sometimes I ship stuff to work so my DH won't see it LOL, he subscribes to my blog so I'd be toast!

Kristie said...

I forgot to say, you got some great stuff too!! Those stamps from Elle's Studio look neat!

Kimberly said...

Ok really, i couldn't even look what i've spent in the last while.....i might faint...thanks for the comment on my blog...i keep refreshing and still nothing...hoping it will come back, i miss checking everyone out.

Love That Bug said...

It looks like you got some great things! Good luck hiding the Visa, I know that will be hard

Amber said...

WOW!!! That is a lot of fun stuff! I always throw my receipts away so I can't keep track of my spendings. I have actually been on a spending diet lately. I am determined to use up my stash of goodies before I buy but I surely love seeing others haul!! It helps satisfy my urge to buy a little (just a little..hehe) Have fun with all your new goodies!!

Courtney Larson said...

Found your blog. Thanks for becoming a follower. I LOVE the scrapbooking cafe. I make frequent trips to ingramport. Such great prices! Are you in the Halifax area? Would love to get together to scrap sometime if you are and are interested!