Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cleaning the closet!

Hello Crafters,
I was cleaning the closet today and found something interesting...New Years Resolutions! We made these at the beginning of the year and my plan for them was to put them at the beginning of my 2010 scrapbook. I have always wanted to make a scrapbook that is just about life. I have scrapped most of my major trips ie. Cuba, Egypt, etc. and have made a couple for gifts ie. family books but have never scraped just a year of our life. I was sure this was the year and I even went so far as to make folders on the computer for pictures and started a drawer in my craft room for memorabilia but that is as far as it went. As we all say someday...
Now that I have unearthed these I think I might place them in some 12x12 frames that I have and hang them in our bedroom as a daily reminder (you know since it is more then half way through the year and I'll admit there is a couple on here that I have not accomplished even a little bit :( Than when I replace them with 2011 resolutions I will put them in the front of a scrapbook and maybe scrap my year a year behind. Who knows this might end up beginning a life long trend :)
Happy Crafting!
P.S. this was Brian's first ever scrapbook page and he made me promise I would not tell the guys at work about it! lol He even used the cricut for the first time although I am not sure he enjoyed it as much as I do as he has never played with it since.

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