Saturday, March 5, 2011

Craft Spending Break Down

Hello fellow paper addicts,
I have decided that I truly need to start watching my crafting spending. With trying to pay off student loans, plan a wedding, saving for a down payment on a house, and trying to figure out if we can afford to attend an out of province wedding this summer my desposable income is at an all time low! I miss university life when I worked part time and the governement gave me student loans to live on. (At the time I failed to think about the fact I was going to have to pay it all back....grrrr.....stupid younger self).

Anyways, I know I can not cut my crafting budget all together because then I would seriously go insane but I can try and control it. I am thinking $50- $75 a month. Sound reasonable? I would like to stay closer to $50 but I am not going to set a goal I know will be way too hard to keep and be discouraged before I even start. I can always lower it if I notice I am doing super well. One way I can make myself more accountable is by recording my craft spending. I am also going to make myself even more accountable by posting my monthly totals on my blog so that the world can frown at me when I do bad and encourage me when I do well. So here are my purchases for January and February, my totals and a couple pictures of the goods.
Do you keep track of your spending? Do you have any tips for me? I would love some suggestions!

Jan. 2 Bargain Store $41.47
Jan.2 Michael's $20.69
Jan. 19 Jessica Sprauge $1.02
Jan. 21 Jessica Sprauge $1.03
Jan. 24 Michael's $13.80
    Total - $ 78.01
(pretty close to budget and this is even before I set it...excellent)!

Feb. 1 Jessica Sprauge - $6.15
Feb. 4 Jessica Sprauge $1.04
Feb. 4 Michael's $15.76
Feb. 5 Michael $58.34
Feb. 7 Dollarama $20.80
Feb. 11 Ebay (Tie the Knot Cartirdge) $31.50
Feb. 19 Michael's $34.50
Feb. 26 Michael's $20.69
      Total - $ 188.78
(yes, I am hanging my head in shame. I am determined to make March much better!)

No this is not everything as is clear by my total spending  :(


Linda S said...

Awww..I do feel for you. When I was 27 I was spending way too much on fabric and patterns and such! And now that I am a senior, I still have a craft addiction and at times it does get out of control. I am now trying to step back and look at what I have and say "It's only stuff"....I find I fill my emotional needs by buying something I don't really need. It's that or eat chocolate! I have been good this year and am trying to use what I excuses. Although I did splurge and buy an Expression! Have you thought of putting $50 in a glass jar and only using it on crafts? Once it's gone, it's gone. Just wanted you to know I care! :)

Michelle D said...

I am right there with you, spending way to much to keep my hobby going. Although I think I have way more supplies than I will ever use! THere are so many great products and tools out there that make it fun creafting! I'm a new follower, feel free to check out my blog (fellow Canadian!!)

Sue said...

I feel your pain and am in sorta the same boat. I simply cannot continue to spend the amount of money on crafting that I have been spending the last few years. You are heading in the right direction though and yes it's hard! LOL!

Denise said...

Wow, you were a shopper in February! That's what great about doing it monthly. You get to start over ;) I love your goals!!! You can do it!

Amber said...

I am impressed with your crafting breakdown and your budget goal! It looks like a wonderful idea to keep your spending in check by blogging it(plus I like to see what other people buy). I've tried to cut down this year too. I started selling Stampin' Up! last year to help my addiction and I spent as much as I made! I guess that is ok since I did not go into the red but it is all in writing. It honestly made my husband cringe when he saw it in B/W! It's a good thing he doesn't see what I spend at the LSS too..hehe!!!

Amber said...

Good Luck with your goal!