Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looks like someone been busy!

Hello Crafters,
I have been crafting up a storm! My Cricut is still MIA but the creative bug bit me last night and I have been going strong. As I re-entered my scrap room a few minutes ago I had to stop and stare...I am usually a very neat person however, when I am on to something things start to scatter. 

I made a mini album out of toilet paper rolls. It's not 100% finished but I will share some pictures very soon. First, I have to clear a space to take the photos lol.

I started to clean once...I swear... (have you ever read the Jillian Jiggs book?) but then I noticed how much scraps I had and they were so unorganized I had to do something. I came up with this idea of putting them in my bin in file folders. All the solid card stock in one, patterned paper in another and one for all my seasonal papers. I think this will help keep it neater.

Anyways, here is a look at my room in its current condition. For the month of December it is a multi purpose room...decoration tote storage, wrapping room, holding station for gifts yet to be delivered, etc.

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