Friday, December 31, 2010

Favourite Layouts of 2010

Hello Crafters,
As with the cards some of these you might have viewed on my blog before and some are new to you but favourites to me! Honestly, other then the resolutions page I have only ever done trip scrapbooks. I made the resolutions page because my plan was to start a scrapbook of 2010 but I never did get around to it. The task of a entire year book seems so big and overwhelming. My trip books more often then not end up having so many pages I have to add extenders (more then one set). One of my goals for crafting in 2011 is going to be to just start a book that is not trip related.
Thanks for looking and there will be one more post later with my favourite projects of 2010!


the cricutologist said...

Wow! was that a honey moon trip? I really enjoyed your LO! You looked like you were having such fun! I follow your blog come visit me soon.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super lay-outs!! Looks like a lot of fun! Happy New year to you! Carri :)

Staying Crafty said...

These are great, now I want to go on vacation! :) I think the 5th one down is my absolute favorite of the bunch.

creativeprincess said...

No honeymoon yet! The first ones are from a trip to Cuba my friend and I took in 2007 when we graduated from university. The resolutions one breaks up the trips and the second trip was again to Cuba when Brian and I went last spring.