Friday, December 3, 2010

The Cricut Return Saga Continues

I am feeling ...lost. There is no other way to put it. My cricut has been sitting wrapped up in a parcel for over a month now and I can't get the information that I need to send it back. The customer service staff at Provo Craft are very nice whenever I call but no one as of yet has followed up and done anything that they have said they are going to. I was suppose to be getting calls from more than one person there and yet my phone has not rang. I have also sent numerous emails to the kind folks who gave me their personal account email addresses in case I needed to contact them. Again, I have not even so much as got a reply. What do I do now? Should I open the darn thing back up and just use it half broken until it totally shuts down on me? I think at this point the fight has gone out of me :( I love my Cricut and really want a new one but a person can only try so hard and take so much until they claim defeat! The worst part is my creative mojo has been boxed up so long with my Cricut I fear it is never going to fully recover :(
Keep making projects fellow Cricut crafters because for now I am living through you!


Ruthie said...

Take it out of the box and use it if you can. I would call them every single day until you get your new Cricut. They should be sending you a new Cricut and a call tag to pick up the broken one. Tell them you don't want any more personal email addresses you want a new replacement Cricut. Like I said, call every single day until you get your Cricut. My BFF had the same problem, she called everyday and it took them a month to send her a new one. Unfortunately, that is probably the only way are going to get a replacement any time soon. Good luck!


mum of two said...

Oh no!! Keep trying girl, it`s all you can do! Good luck :)


Kate said...

That's a shame that you need to go through this, Tara. I recently had a similar issue with a software program I was using. I finally emailed and let them know that I was a special education specialist and that I would not recommend the software. THEN I received a personal call within half an hour.
If the issue is just with cutting more delicate cuts (isn't it?), then take it out of the box and use it as you can. But keep calling. Next time, ask to speak with a supervisor and explain you've been waiting over a month and you will not wait for a return call - because enough time has passed already. Be polite (as I can tell you are), but be more firm.
I wish we lived closer as I have my baby bug just sitting here. I don't use it much. I would love to share it with you while you wait.
Best of luck - and keep us posted!!

mom2maddie06 (Misty) said...

I agree, you have to keep calling & bugging them!! Your stuff is WAY too cute to give up on, b/c of the customer service (or lack of...)! Keep trying, I hope you get answers soon :)