Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cricut update

I called FedEx this morning yet again and was informed that since I can't figure out the harmonized code issue that if I sent a complete description and a photocopy of the original receipt from when I purchased it then customs will find/create a code for it. As it is a newer item it may not have one? Why could they not have told me this a month ago?! grrrrrr Anyways, I have a pick up appointment this morning so when I leave for work I will be leaving my parcel on my front step. (Don't worry I live in a apt. building with many older ladies that will keep an eye on it for me) I am praying that when I get home it will be gone! lol If it makes it through customs with no hold ups then Provo Craft will receive it by 10:30 am tomorrow morning. I hope Provo Craft will be on the ball and get a new one in the mail to me asap so I just might get it back before the holidays but I am not going to hold my breath that is for sure! Wish my Cricut luck on its travels!
PS. Provo Craft never did get back to me yesterday with the code if you didn't guess already. I really hope no one else has to deal with their customer service dept. :S

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