Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Monthly Craft Spending

Dear Crafters,
I am not sure I want to keep this up. It has become a bit of an embarrassment for me but at the same time I made the commitment to myself to record my craft spending for one year to try and save some money. That is the main problem. It doesn't seem to be helping me save money at all! I'll see how September goes and let you know. Maybe once I am back to work and in more of a routine with minimum time to shop and craft I will do much better. Honestly, I have to or I am going to put us in the poor house although we will have lots of pretty paper to play with lol.

3rd - Dollar Store $7.19
3rd - Walmart $3.50
3rd - Michael's $3.44 (I'm pretty sure this is the least amount I have EVER spent in this store lol)
3rd - The Twinery $29.16
5th - Bargain Harley's $22.16
6th - My Stamping Studio $82.92
9th - Carsand-Mosher $3.57
9th - Michael's $4.38 (And I made another cheap trip
9th - Value Village $4.59 (This was my new button shelf that I will be showing you very soon)!
9th - My Stamping Studio $6.84
9th - Canadian Tire $8.84
(I got my mason jars for my buttons at Canadian Tire...not really a lot of scrapbooking supplies there lol)
10th - Everlasting Papercraft amd Beyond $9.76
15th - Dollarama $4.60
15th - Everlasting Papercraft amd Beyond $7.45
16th - My Stamping Studio $17.34
16th - Loonies and Toonies $4.60
18th - The Tape Depot - $85.46
22nd - Michael's $ 10.85
27thth - My Stamping Studio $34.79

Total: $345.44
Money made: $6.50
Final Total: $338.94


PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Tara, Thank you for visiting!! OMG! you are brave to post your spending! LOL!!!

the purple muse said...

You SO don't want to do this! ;-) It only gets scarier! I even put all of my supplies behind "doors" so it won't remind me of how much $ is in my room;-)


Dawn said...

Wow, you spent that much in one month? My husband would have a cow. lol That's great that you can afford to do that. I wish I could. I love the new name of your blog and I love your blog! Keep the projects coming...

Georgiana said...

I can't believe you spent that much. I have tried to limit my craft shopping in the past month, but my money has gone toward school clothes instead.

Carson's Creations

Tara said...

I really need to start adding this up as the month goes on and not all at the end as my bank account is screaming at me right now!!! and honeslty, with a wedding coming up and life in general costing an arm and a leg I really can't afford this :S

Anniebee said...

I remember when my monthly crafting expenditures looked just like this. Sine I lost my job though, I spend less than $10 most months, if that. I hate it but that's how it has to be until I find a new job!

Hugs, Anne

Scrapper69 said...

WOW! All I can say is WOW! I can't believe you're brave enough to share your spending with all of us! I could never tell anyone how much I spend in a month! Sometimes nothing other times more than what you're showing today!!!! Not proud of it either.... Guilty is more like it! LOL Just try not to spend anymore money on crafting until after the holidays.... I know easy for me to say... But try it and maybe then you'll feel better with what you've spent this past month?